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LELY GROUP/WAGENINGEN UR contest on “How to feed the world in 2050 in a sustainable, enjoyable and profitable way”

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Why? In 2050 we’ll have to be able to feed 9 billion people. This challenge is further increased

because we have to do this in a sustainable way.

The challenge: we challenge you to think on how dairy farming or forage harvesting can do their

part in feeding the world in 2050 in a sustainable way and show us your idea.

What to deliver? Your idea (product or process) in the form of a report of max 5 pages,

introduction, executive summary (short not technical), process or product description, conclusion

and summary presentation in PDF of max 5 slides, all written in English. You can also provide us with

a video in which you present your idea. The idea has to have a link with dairy (farming) or forage

harvesting (roughage). In addition to the 5 page main report an additional appendix can include

further supporting documents such as sketches, images, graphics and references. Source references

are obliged!

The contest is open to agricultural students, engineering students, bio technologists, industrial

designers and farmers under the age of 28 from all nationalities.

Criteria for the description of the process of product are; innovative, agriculture improvement with

clear application potential and link with “How to feed the world in 2050 in a sustainable, enjoyable

and profitable way”. Possible categories to think about are: adding value to dairy, improving cattle

(genetics, welfare), enhancing crops/ roughage (cattle feed nutrients), improving farm

management, focussing on milk components instead of fluid milk.

Entries to be submitted by the 15th of April 2013 to The Well 2013 Symposium organisers in

electronic form as e-mail attachment to In addition to the report or video,

the candidate's complete curriculum vitae should also be included.

The jury will consist of Alexander van der Lely, CEO Lely Group, Martin Scholten, Managing Director

Animal Sciences Group of Wageningen UR, and Pierre Berntsen of ABN AMRO.

The jury will select the best ideas to present during the Agricultural Symposium “we’ll 2013” on

15th & 16th May, 2013 in ‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. This shortlist will be published at

the 26th of April 2013 on

The selected presenters will receive free entry to the symposium and will be sponsored for travel

costs and stay during the event. The best solution is considered to have the optimal mix of

innovativeness supporting how to feed the world in 2050 in a sustainable, enjoyable and profitable


The winner of the contest can opt for either EUR 2.500 in cash, a scholarship (minor/ master

project) of 4 months at the Wageningen University or 6 months paid internship at Lely in The


More information can be found on the website, and the “we’ll 2013” Facebook


“we’ll award”

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