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20150125-Βραβείο για Διδάκτορες/μεταδιδάκτορες Μυκηναϊκής Αρχαιολογίας

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On 13 February 2015 applications are due for the Michael Ventris Memorial Award for Mycenaean Studies of up to £2000, to be awarded to scholars who have obtained a doctorate within the past eight years or postgraduate students about to complete the doctorate in the field of Mycenaean civilization or kindred subjects, to promote research in (1) Linear B and other Bronze Age scripts of the Aegean and Cyprus and their historical and cultural connections, or (2) all other aspects of the Bronze Age of the Aegean and Cyprus. Applications (6 pages maximum) should be sent to the Deputy Director, Institute of Classical Studies, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU, United Kingdom or via email (compatible with Word 2003) to . Applications should include age, qualifications, academic record, an outline and projected budget of the proposed work (which is not intended to be Ph.D. research), and the names and addresses of two referees, who should at the same time be asked to write independently in support of the application. Further information, including detailed application instructions, is available at